What Truth Is

Christian Larson

“Here is the secret of controlling circumstances, conditions and things. Do not exercise any domineering force over things, but make the force of your own purpose so immensely strong that all things in your world will come and act in harmony with that purpose. The law is that every circumstance will conform itself to the strongest force that may pass through that circumstance, and the circumstance in question will give up all its power to work for the same purpose for which this strongest force is working. Therefore, all things in your world will work for you when you make the force of your purpose in life a great deal stronger than any other force that may exist in your world. This you can easily do by turning all the energies of your being into your one leading purpose.”

The only truth of any value is the truth that is gained through one’s own individual effort, and not by living according to someone else’s idea of truth. Building a life that works can only be achieved by basing your life on your truth. So how can you discover your own truth?

In this new updated and gender-neutral edition of What Truth Is, Christian Larson presents practical and effective methods for attaining a higher understanding of “what truth is.”

The Meaning of Truth
How to Know the Truth
How to Seek the Truth
Where to Find the Truth
Where We Get Our Ideas
The Two Sides of Truth
Striking Illustrations of Half Truths
The Subconscious Factor
The Real and the Unreal
In Reality, Everything is Good
Causing the Best to Happen
The Truth about Right and Wrong
The Truth about Freedom
The Royal Path to Freedom
The Truth Beyond Truth
Discernment of Absolute Truth

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