The Basics of Spiritual Mind Healing

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Ernest Holmes
with foreword by Rev. David Bruner

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People in pain or fear naturally wish to be released from it as quickly as possible, and rightly so. We are human beings, and one of our constant motivations is to reverse and overcome adverse circumstances, whether physical, mental or spiritual.

Ernest Holmes taught a profoundly effective method of healing for every area of living. Spiritual mind treatment, also known as affirmative prayer, is a dynamic tool for addressing the challenging issues of life, whether it is used for ourselves or in the service of ourselves.

The Basics of Spiritual Mind Healing provides a foundation for understanding the essential ideas of treatment, or affirmative prayer. In the first section, “Basics,” Holmes explains the philosophy and function of mental healing, how it works and why it works. In the “Lessons” section, he offers tools for the reader to apply the ideas in a personal way.

Never before published, and using gender-neutral language, The Basics of Spiritual Mind Healing is an essential instruction manual for those interested in learning about and using the method of spiritual mental healing, for both the professional practitioner and the lay person.

The Basics
Spiritual Healing
Simple, But Profound
An Art and a Science
The Need to Be Specific
Mental Acceptance
Complete Conviction
Helping Others
Increased Awareness
Aids to Spiritual Healing
Be Affirmative
Thought Is a Mold
Transcending Conditions
Practical Suggestions
A Technique for Spiritual Healing
Science and Religion

The Universe Is a Spiritual System
The Higher Governs the Lower
One Fundamental Unity
Conscious Mind
Creative Subjectivity
Trusting the Law of Growth
The Universal Spirit
Higher in the Spiritual Realm
Relative First Cause
Nothing More Important
The Will Is Directive
The Basis of Mental Healing


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