Lessons in Truth

H. Emilie Cady

H. Emilie Cady’s Lessons in Truth presents twelve lessons for spiritual growth and personal empowerment. In this book, Cady explores  spiritual concepts using biblical references, with chapters including  faith, personality and individuality, spiritual gifts, and denials and affirmations. Lessons in Truth also contains a study guide for each chapter and a glossary of terms.

This updated version of Lessons in Truth uses gender-neutral language, making it accessible and personal for all readers.

“There is no reason why, because in our earlier years some of us were forced into the narrow puritanical limits that stood for a religious belief, we should now so exaggerate our freedom as to imagine that we are entirely self-sufficient and will never again need the sweet, uplifting communion between God and ourselves. The created, who always live, move and have their being in their Creator, need the conscious presence of that Creator and cannot be entirely happy in knowing God only as cold, unsympathetic principle. Why cannot both conceptions find a home in the minds and hearts? Both are true, and both are necessary parts of a whole. The two were made to go together, and in the highest cannot be separated.”

Bondage or Liberty—Which?
Statement of Being
Personality and Individuality
Spiritual Understanding
The Secret Place of the Most High
Finding the Secret Place
Spiritual Gifts
Unity of the Spirit
Study Guide for Students of Lessons in Truth
A Brief Glossary of Truth Terms

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