Creative Mind and Success: Updated and Gender-Neutral


Updated and Gender-Neutral 

Ernest Holmes

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Ernest Holmes’ second book, Creative Mind and Success expands the ideas of his first book, Creative Mind. We are only what we think ourselves to be. We are big in capacity if we think big thoughts; we are small if we think small thoughts. We will attract to ourselves what we think most about. We can govern our own destiny when we learn to control our thoughts. In order to do this, we must first realize that everything in the manifest universe is the result of some inner activity of mind. This mind is God, producing a universe by the activity of God’s own divine thoughts. We are in this mind as thinking centers, and what we think governs our lives, even as God’s thoughts govern the universe by setting in motion all the cosmic activities. This is so easy to understand and so simple to use that we often wonder why we have been so long in finding out this greatest of all truths of all the ages. The original 1919 text has been updated and edited with gender-neutral language.

Part I – Instruction
An Inquiry into Truth
What Life Is
Humankind’s Place in Creation
The Beginning of Understanding
Our Conditions Governed by Our Thinking
Unconscious Creation
First Steps
How to Attain Strength
What We Will Attract
More about the Power of Attraction
How to Attract Friends
The Control of Thought
Creating Atmosphere
The Power of Words
Why Belief is Necessary
Using the Imagination
Our Right of Choice
Old Age and Opportunity
Demonstrating Success in Business
Money as a Spiritual Idea
Ideas of the Infinite
Don’t Be a Leaner
Causes and Conditions
Mental Equivalents
One Law and Many Manifestations
Transcending Previous Conditions
Understanding and Misunderstanding
No Unusual Experience
Where Demonstration Takes Place

Part II – Practice
Prayer Treatments
Understanding and Guidance
How to Know Just What to Do
Following Up a Thought
The Single Stream of Thought
Enlarging Our Thought
Always Be Gathering
Mental Likeness
Keeping the Thing in Mind
Destroy All Thoughts that You Do Not Wish to Experience
Direct Practice for Prosperity
Race Consciousness
Developing Intuition
Presence of Activity
Drawing Your Own to You
The Final Word



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