Creative Mind: Updated and Gender-Neutral


Updated and Gender-Neutral 

Ernest Holmes

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The book that launched Ernest Holmes as a great spiritual author and thinker, Creative Mind is an attempt to explain what each of us must discover for ourselves. We all   stand in the middle of a creative power that presses itself around its own thought and returns to it all that it thinks. The mind of the universe, which is the only mind that there is, is the individual’s own mind. The creative power of this mind is also the individual’s mind. Creative Mind simplifies and brings to light some of the deeper mysteries and meanings of life. Creative Mind includes a “Questions and Answers” section and a section of definitions of terms used in this book. The original 1917 text has been updated and edited with gender-neutral language.

Introduction by Ernest Holmes
Part One – Analysis of Contents
In the Beginning
A Principle That Can Be Proven
The Word Going Forth
Why and What Is Humankind?
The Law of Our Lives
The Individual’s Part
Bondage and Freedom
The Word
The Individual Who Has Arrived
The Power We Have within Us
Individual Ideas
The Reason for the Universe
Mind in Action
Action and Reaction
Arriving at a High Consciousness
Outer Suggestions
The Use of the Greater Consciousness
The Greater Consciousness
The Perfect Universe
About Struggle—Karma

Part Two – Practice
The Same Power Used in Two Ways
Healing the Sick
The Use of Affirmative Prayer
The Highest Attitude of Mind
Be Alive
Be Happy
Live in the Present
See the Good in All Things
Be Expectant
Expanding Our Thought
The Power of Affirmative Prayer
Repeating the Affirmative Prayer
Impersonal Healing
What Is the Spiritual Mind?
The Church of God
The Path to Prosperity
The Way of the Spirit
The Level of Consciousness
Practice for Prosperity
Questions and Answers




Creative Mind and Success
Ernest Holmes Speaks
How to Use Your Power: 20 Practical Lessons for Creating A Balanced Life

Life Is What You Make It
60 Meditations for a Mindful Life
The Basics of Spiritual Mind Healing
The Bible in Light of Spiritual Philosophy
The Meaning of the Bible
The Philosophy of Emerson
The Philosophy of Jesus
The Power of This Thing Called Life

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