A New Look at New Thought

Original editions of classic books hold great value as documents that not only give us the information we are looking for, but do it in a way that gives a sense of the time in which they were written, through language usage, idiom, even punctuation. But there is value in revising and updating book manuscripts from the past. With skilled editing, new editions of classic books can invigorate the manuscript and clear up language that can be difficult to understand today, while at the same time, retain the author’s distinctive voice and intention. Such is the case with the books of Newt List.

Newt List offers updated editions of spiritual classic texts. Newt List titles have been edited to provide contemporary language structure and idioms that have evolved since the original manuscript was published. We revise punctuation and capitalization, and adjust sentence structure when appropriate, as well as update certain words or terms that have since become obscure, as long as those changes do not affect the author’s intention or meaning. More valuable for readers today, though, is Newt List’s procedure of changing of gender forms. In the time of original publication, these classic books generally used masculine forms when referring to God or humankind. Newt List updates all its books using gender-neutral language, making the ideas in them apply more broadly to all readers.

If you have never read these dynamic books in their original editions, you are in for a treat, a new way of thinking about life. If you have read these books before, Newt List thinks you will find that that our books come alive in original and fresh ways that make the ideas in them more immediate, relevant and, most importantly, life changing.

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