Spiritual Life Lines


Carol Bliss
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A collection of more than 150  inspiring vignettes, Spiritual Life Lines explores the trials and struggles of contemporary life from a spiritual, New Thought perspective. Based on the premise, “Change your thinking, change your life,” it offers a gentle treasury of thoughts, a pathway from darkness into light. In vignettes shot through with little gems of wisdom, readers will find prayers for animals, for the earth, reflections on the long road to gay marriage, and the courage to keep hanging on during times so tough they seem to shatter the spirit like glass.

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Spiritual Life Lines
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Rev. Dr. Carol Bliss
, author, artist and award-winning professor, happily inspires college students at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, to love subjects they might otherwise not. She is the founding director of spiritual salons for gay senior citizens at the Gay and Lesbian Center in West Hollywood, California, and is co-producer of Mosuo Song Journey, a documentary film exploring ancient wisdom traditions among indigenous people in rural China, near Tibet. She has taught in China, Thailand and South Los Angeles, and brings an innovative and creative style of heart-based teaching, offering insights for spirituality, personal empowerment and peaceful living. Her work has been featured in national publications, including Science of Mind magazine, Journal of College and Character, Media, Spiritualities, and Social Change, and Faces of the Fallen, a tribute to soldiers who died in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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