The Mysteries of Genesis

Charles Fillmore

What is stated in the Book of Genesis in the form of allegory can be reduced to ideas, and these ideas can be worked out by the guidance of mental laws. In The Mysteries of Genesis, author Charles Fillmore explains the many symbols found in the Book of Genesis and interprets their meanings, so that anyone can understand and apply the message to their own development, thus presenting the most logical key to an understanding of the beginnings of humankind and the universe. Through an in-depth exploration of each chapter and verse of Genesis, The Mysteries of Genesis  demystifies and reveals its powerful message to our lives today.

“The Bible veils in its history the march of humankind from innocence and ignorance to a measure of sophistication and understanding. Over all hovers the divine idea of humankind, the perfect-person pattern, the Creator, who is a perpetual source of inspiration and power for every person. Those who seek to know this Creator and its manifestation, Jesus Christ, receive a certain spiritual quickening that opens the inner eye of the soul, and they see beyond the land of shadows into the world of Spirit.”

Spiritual Person
Manifest Person
The Fall of Humankind
The Reaction to Sense Living
The Initial Step toward Redemption
The Promise of Salvation
The Fruits of Faith
The Mental Supplants the Physical
Humankind Develops Spiritual Faculties
The Spiritual Gains Precedence of the Mental
Joseph: A Type of the Christ
The I Am and Its Faculties in the Body
The Blessing of the Faculties

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