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Newt List is the foremost publisher of updated editions of spiritual classic texts. Newt List titles are edited to provide contemporary language structure and idioms that have evolved since the original manuscript was published. We revise punctuation and capitalizations, and adjust sentence structure when appropriate, as well as update certain words or terms that have since become obscure, as long as those changes do not affect the author’s intention or meaning. More valuable for readers today, though, is Newt List’s procedure of changing of gender forms. In the time of original publication, these classic books generally used masculine forms when referring to God or humankind. Newt List updates all its books using gender-neutral language, making the ideas in them apply more broadly to all readers.

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Randall Friesen

Randall Friesen, publisher of NEWT LIST, brings years of experience editing and publishing spiritual books and publications. For over a decade, Randall did his work at Science of Mind Publishing, editing and publishing the words and ideas of Ernest Holmes and other authors of spirituality in his role as Publisher of its book division and Editor-in-Chief of Science of Mind magazine. He has worked with such authors as Louise Hay, Deepak Chopra, Micheal Beckwith, Julia Cameron and Jean Houston, among other contemporary thinkers in the world of spirituality and philosophy.

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