The Science of Being Well

Wallace D. Wattles

The Science of Being Well is a practical guide and handbook for anyone who wants to a healthy body and a healthier way of life. Using the idea of a universal principle of life that exists for the use of all, the author explains the principles of health in plain and logical language that anyone can readily follow.

The methods for increased health in The Science of Being Well have been tested during 12 years of research by the author and have been found to be successful with clients around the world.

Chapters include instruction on when, what and how to eat properly, as well as exercises for healthy sleeping and breathing.

“Health is the result of thinking and acting in a certain way, and if sick people begin to think and act in this way, the principle of health within them will come into constructive activity and heal all their diseases. This principle of heath is the same in all and is related to the life principle of the universe. It is able to heal every disease and will come into activity whenever we think and act in accordance with the science of being well. Therefore, everyone can attain to perfect health.”

The Principle of Health
The Foundations of Faith
Life and Its Organisms
What to Think
Use of the Will
Health from God
Summary of the Mental Actions
When to Eat
What to Eat
How to Eat
Hunger and Appetites
In a Nutshell
Supplementary Instructions
A Summary of The Science of Being Well

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