The Law of Mind in Action

The Law of Mind in Action

Fenwicke Holmes

A rare treasure for New Thought readers!

Coming into his own as a profound spiritual thinker, Fenwicke Holmes, the brother of Science of Mind founder Ernest Holmes, teaches the one simple law of mind that anyone can understand and use, and which, if used, will give freedom, joy, health, supply and peace to the one who uses it. Written at the same time his brother Ernest was penning the spiritual classic Creative Mind, The Law of Mind in Action rightly takes its place as one of the foundational works in the Science of Mind canon of New Thought ideas.

Method of Reading and Study
Metaphysics: What It Is and Does
The One Law We Need to Know
How to Use the Law: The Silence
Creative Mind in the Individual
Creative Mind in the Universal
Humankind: Master on the Planet
Matter, or Thought in Form
The Creative Word
The Outer and the Inner Universe
The Infinite Self
The Law of Attraction and Appropriation
Choosing the Law You Will Live Under
Feeling and Emotions
The Instinct to Create
Our Immaculate Conceptions
Intensified Consciousness
Is Evil a Power?
The Thing I Fear
Nothing Matters
Courage Regained
Creative Imagination
Faith: An Attitude of Mind
Mental Poise
The Will to Win
Creating Atmospheres and Prosperity
The Personal Spirit
Intuition and Ideation
Ultimate Reality & the Creatorship of God
The Supreme Affirmation
The Use of Formulas
How to Help Others
Whom to Treat
How Long to Treat
What Kind of Cases to Be Treated
My Good Night Prayer

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