Secrets of Metaphysics

Clarence Mayer

“In the following pages, Clarence Mayer has clearly laid bare the principle, application and process of spiritual mind healing. Consequently, anyone reading this book will find that the secret is revealed and the simplicity of a universal principle is accessible to each and to all.”
– From the foreword, by Ernest Holmes

Everyone is seeking a more harmonious and happier expression of life. There is a continuous reaching out for that vague “something” which, while more or less intangible, is still a hope in every human heart. Whether it is a longing for better living conditions, for health, or for a larger experience, this urge is the dominating factor in life and the main spring of ambition. Everyone feels the possibility of something larger. All people have a latent conviction that there is more to be expressed if only the way could be known.

In Secrets of Metaphysics, Clarence Mayer presents certain ideas to acquaint the reader with laws, the intelligent use of which will enable you to meet the problems of life involving human relationship, activity in business affairs, and supply and healing of disease. These laws resolve themselves into one great principle of harmony, and the knowledge of how to use this principle brings a sense of security, mastery and peace into your experience.

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