The God In You

The God In You

Prentice Mulford

“Your mind or spirit is continually giving out its force or thought, or receiving some quality of such force, as an electric battery may be sending out its energy and may be afterwards replenished. When you use your force in talking, writing or physical effort of any sort, you are positive. When not so using it, you are negative. When negative, or receptive, you are receiving force or element of some kind or quality, which may do you temporary harm or permanent good.”

So begins New Thought pioneer Prentice Mulford’s The God in You, a book that provides practical mental recipes for learning to love yourself, the art of forgetting, and learning how to learn.

Positive and Negative Thought
Some Practical Mental Recipes
The Art of Learning How to Learn
Love Thyself
The Art of Forgetting
The Law of Change
Regeneration, or Being Born Again

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