Celebrate with Ritual

“Rituals are the language of the soul, and Celebrate with Ritual is the ultimate book of rituals for every need and occasion. Karyl Huntley is the perfect guide to using rituals to add meaning and purpose to our lives.”
– Joel Fotinos, author of The Prosperity Principles

Celebrate with Ritual guides you through life changes and helps you create unique rituals for your own needs.

Daily life is full of small, ordinary details, but each of us is asked to accomplish huge life assignments while we live our numbered years on earth. We are called upon to create what has never been created before. We long to heal big life issues, sometimes spanning generations. We are inspired to transform, join together, guide our loved ones, connect to higher spiritual realms, and then we are called upon to release it all. When our best problem-solving techniques are not enough for these challenges, often a ritual, crafted and experienced in the heart is just what is needed. Celebrate with Ritual offers many examples of rituals which can address life challenges and joys: Healing Body and Mind; Starting a; Business; Handfasting; Blessing a Baby; Meeting the Ancestors; and many more.

Karyl Huntley has created and led rituals in sacred, educational, community, family, and online settings for most of her life, helping people make the internal changes that enable them to live life more fully. She has taught the art and skills of the ritualist in one-on-one settings, houses of worship, classrooms, and in online seminars world-wide. She draws meaning from all wisdom traditions, ancient and modern, utilizing that which is common to spiritual teachings, science, history, and legend.
Karyl Huntley is the author of Real Life Rituals, Oneness and Mastery, and the Celtic Cross Prayer Kit. She leads pilgrimages to sacred sites in Britain and Europe, creating rituals that draw from the spirit of the land and its ancestors.

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