How the Mind Works

Christian D. Larson

“The soul that can transcend the world of passing things and dream of the world of better things is now in possession of the necessary power to make its dreams come true. The fact is, you cannot discern the ideal until you have the power to make it real, nor can your mind rise into worlds sublime until it has gained the power to make your own life sublime. The soul that can look into the mystic future and discern a more beautiful life is prepared for such a life, has found the secret path to such a life, has the power to create such a life, not merely in ages to come, but now.”

In How the Mind Works, New Thought author Christian D. Larson lays out a powerful blueprint for understand exactly how your mind works and how you can make constructive use of its power to create a life that serves you and the world in which you live.

The Greatest Power in Humankind
The Best Use of the Mind
What Determines Mental Action
The Leading Metaphysical Law
How the Mind Makes the Individual
How Mental Pictures Become Realities
The Increase of Mental Power
The Within and the Without
Finding Your Place in Life
When All Things Work for Good
With What Measure Ye Mete
Finding Material for Mind Building
Building the Superior Mind
The Secret of the Master Mind
The Power of Mind over Body
The Power of Mind over Destiny
The X-Ray Power of the Mind
When Mind is Broad and Deep
The Greatest Mind of All
When Mind is On the Heights

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