The Hidden Power and Other Essays


THE HIDDEN POWER and Other Essays
Thomas Troward

The study of spiritual laws propels us beyond the pitfalls of blind faith toward true spiritual liberty, without which no further progress is possible. It is one thing to believe and practice, but when we know why spiritual principles work as they do, faith achieves a power that can be made to work to our advantage.

In The Hidden Power and Other Essays, Thomas Troward explores the inner-workings of great spiritual laws. His philosophy was that it is not enough to know what the principles are, but one must understand why they are true and how they function. To this end, Troward uses a mix of science, mathematics and theology – particularly the Bible – to prove the laws of the body, soul and spirit.

The Hidden Power and Other Essays was Troward’s final book. It is comprised of unpublished manuscripts and magazine articles written during Troward’s career as a spiritual philosopher and scientist.

“This innermost of all is absolute Spirit. It is life as yet not differentiated into any specific mode. It is the universal life that pervades all things and is at the heart of all appearances. To come into the knowledge of this is to come into the secret of power and to enter into the secret place of living Spirit.”

The Hidden Power
The Perversion of Truth
The “I Am”
Affirmative Power
The Principle of Guidance
Desire as the Motive Power
Touching Lightly
Present Truth
Religious Opinions
A Lesson from Browning
The Spirit of Opulence
Separation and Unity
Entering Into the Spirit of It
The Bible and the New Thought
Jachin and Boaz
Mind and Hand
The Central Control
What Is Higher Thought?

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