Life Is What You Make It

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Ernest Holmes
with an introduction by Dr. Edward Viljoen

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At the heart of the Science of Mind philosophy is a practical and direct approach to spirituality. It invites the student to meet life not with fear, but with excitement and a sense of adventure, with the attitude that anyone who understands the ideas of Science of Mind can apply them for beneficial changes in their life. The ideas are both ancient and modern. The outer experience of life reflects the inner state of mind, inner states of mind can be changed, and regular spiritual practice reveals the essential benevolent nature of life. Ernest Holmes  summarizes these and additional spiritual ideas in Life Is What You Make It.

Created from an introductory course Holmes taught on the Science of Mind philosophy, Life Is What You Make It, from the founder of the Science of Mind philosophy and author of The Science of Mind, offers ideas and techniques for changing your life to one of success and achievement in a direct and clear format.

Each chapter contains a personal meditation and a series of questions and answers designed to bring the ideas into immediate practice for the reader.

The fundamental truth – Life is what you make it –  is basic and essential to a personal idea of successful living.

The Fundamental Principle
How We Think
The Influence of Fear
How to Use the Law of Mind
How to Remove Hindrances
The Value of Prayer
The Will and the Imagination
The Law of Increase
The Divine Mental Picture
Spirit the Actor, Mind the Law, Creation the Result
The Absolute and the Relative
Law and Personality
The Law Of Attraction
How Much Can We Expect?
How Spirit Manifests through Us
Mystics and Intellectuals
Making Good Come Forth
The Sense Life and the Inner Life
Improving Material Conditions
Hindrance to Healing
Do We Deny Human Suffering?
The Scope and Range of Mind
The Use of Formulas
Life Is What You Make It

Creative Mind
Creative Mind and Success
Ernest Holmes Speaks
How to Use Your Power: 20 Practical Lessons for Creating A Balanced Life
60 Meditations for a Mindful Life
The Basics of Spiritual Mind Healing

The Bible in Light of Spiritual Philosophy
The Meaning of the Bible
The Philosophy of Emerson
The Philosophy of Jesus
The Power of This Thing Called Life

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