Love Heals


Love Heals
Martha Bass and Carol Bliss

Paperback: $11.99

Ebook: $7.99

We all have unlimited power and infinite potential within us. Love Heals shows you how to look beyond appearances, revealing the healing principles of how to love yourself and your body, regardless of condition. We can make our own lives more fulfilling while creating a more peaceful and loving world.

Love Heals is a series of open windows looking out on the varied and
inspiring landscape of two astonishing women. Each vignette is a tiny
gift wrapped in wisdom and handmade by the author. Read them in
any order, first one and then another. Reread them. Hold them in your
hands and then your heart. What windows will open on your life? What
will you see? Perhaps a meadow where the colors of gratitude for life
itself are so vibrant you cannot look away.”
—Janice Uebersetzig, J.D., author and spiritual teacher

“In Love Heals, the authors engage the reader in a journey of self-discovery while confronting adversity and pain. Through this deep exploration, suffering, illness, and challenges become opportunities for self-realization, healing, and interior peace. A beautiful narrative much needed in an era plagued by lack of purpose, stress, and depression.”
—Martha Bárcenas-Mooradian, Ph.D., Dept. of Spanish, Latin American, and Caribbean Literatures and Cultures, Scripps College

Martha Bass, health coach, and Carol Bliss, writing coach, believe that regardless of condition, love, fun, and laughter can heal anyone. They believe that the healing power of love can heal you, too. Bass and Bliss are inspirational speakers, workshop facilitators, and retreat leaders.

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