In Tune with the Infinite

Ralph Waldo Trine

There is a golden thread that runs through every religion in the world.

This same golden thread must enter into the lives of all who, today in this busy world of ours, would exchange impotence for power; weakness and suffering for abounding health and strength; pain and unrest for perfect peace; poverty of whatever nature for fullness and plenty.

In this landmark classic of New Thought, Ralph Waldo Trine spells out the great facts in connection with and the great laws underlying the workings of the interior spiritual thought forces. He points them out so simply and so clearly that everyone can grasp them, so that we can take them and infuse them into our everyday lives.

There is a divine sequence running throughout the universe. Within and above and below the human will, the divine will works incessantly. To come into harmony with it and thereby with all the higher laws and forces, to come then into league and to work in conjunction with them in order that they can work in league and in conjunction with us, is to come into the chain of this wonderful sequence. This is the secret of all success. This is to come into the possession of unknown riches, into the realization of undreamed-of powers.

The Supreme Fact of the Universe
The Supreme Fact of Human Life
Fullness of Life
The Secret Power and Effects of Love
Wisdom and Interior Illumination
The Realization of Perfect Peace
Coming into Fullness of Power
Plenty of All Things
How People Have Become Prophets, Seers, Sages and Saviors
The Basic Principle of All Religions
Entering Now into the Realization of the Highest Riches

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Life Is What You Make It